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It's Here!: Coloniality in the Maya Lowlands

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

I'm very excited to announce that Coloniality in the Maya Lowlands: Archaeological Perspectives, co-edited by Kasey Diserens Morgan and I, is available from the University Press of Colorado this December. We are very proud to be the first title in their Global Colonialism Series.

The book takes a hemispheric approach to the historical and material analysis of colonialism, bridging the often disparate literatures on coloniality and settler colonialism. Archaeologists and anthropologists working in what are today southeastern Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras grapple with the material realities of coloniality at a regional level. They provide sustained discussions of Maya experiences with wide-ranging colonial endurances: violence, resource insecurity, land rights, refugees, the control of borders, the movement of contraband, surveillance, individual and collective agency, consumption, and use of historic resources.

Check it out here! (Use discount code DISE22 for 40% off; UPCHOLIDAYS22 for 50% until Dec. 15)

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