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New Series in Contemporary and Historical Archaeology from BAR Publishing

I've recently joined the editorial board, spearheaded by William Caraher (North Dakota)and Rachael Kiddey (Oxford), for a new series on Contemporary and Historical Archaeology. The series will publish theoretically oriented excavation reports and object studies, conference proceedings, and revised doctoral theses. This series embraces all forms of theory in contemporary and historical archaeologies, and particularly those which increase our understanding of how the past can be a mode through which values of equality, human rights, and social justice may be redefined to shape the present. They publish in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. If you are developing a manuscript and looking for a potential publication outlet, check it out! (Bonus: There is a special open forum chat being hosted by the lead editors on October 27th from 12-1PM EST)

More information:

CHAT BAR Series Brief
Download PDF • 260KB

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